Figuring out blogging and a little more about me

This is my first blog post so I have no clue what I’m supposed to write about…

But, my name is Jordan and I am a junior in college. I am currently double majoring in both English and elementary education, I say currently because I might drop the ELED part and graduate early with just my bachelors in English. From there, I would go straight to grad school where I would get my masters in education.

I have lived in Massachusetts all my life. I truly believe I live in the best part of the country–even though winter can suck.

I have a younger sister who started applying to colleges a few weeks and this makes me realize how old I am getting, even though I’m not yet 21. I have a dog whose personality resembles more of a cat’s and her bark sounds more like a “moo” (yes, I know that is weird).

Okay, so my next post will be more “bloggish” I suppose, but thanks for bearing with me on this extremely boring post!


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