Life Decisions

The professor of my English 321 course opted to give our class a final project rather than a final–something I’m grateful for. One of the prompts included was to pretend to be a high school teacher and revise an English curriculum that includes the British Restoration material. Because I am currently and elementary education (ELED) major, I decided to choose this prompts. The only problem with this decision is that I discovered how much I lover making high school English lesson plans… which makes me want to switch to a secondary (high school level) education major.

In Massachusetts, if you decide to be an ELED major, you are required by law to choose an additional major. Groaning and complaining about how this requirement unfair this rule was, I chose English. I am good at it and choosing it as a “default” major just made sense. The problem with picking English was me realizing I absolutely love it.

I now appreciate all Shakespeare’s work and recognize how unbelievable smart he and talented he was. Nathaniel Hawthorne? That man is now the love of my life; short stories do not get better than “Young Goodman Brown”!  I obsess over any sort of Gothic literature, like Dracula or The Yellow Wallpaper and analyzing any work excites me.

But there are problems with my new dream of becoming an English teacher. One concern is that I am only 5’2″ and with my small body frame I look like a high schooler. Will I be able to stand in front of the classroom and demand respect? Will students laugh when they see me the first day of school? Will a school even hire me once they see how young I look, even with an impressive resume (I plan to go immediately to grad school after I graduate)? These are all things that need serious consideration and I envy everyone who does not have to deal with any of these possible limitations. Yes, I will age and I will grow older, but how long will that take?



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2 responses to “Life Decisions

  1. Hahaha…a lovely thought. However, my friend all the people around the world face similar situations. You’re not alone. The best part is while asking questions, you’ve answered them too!


    • Thank you for commenting; you’re the first one who has done that on my new blog! I think you’re right, I may have answered my own questions, but only temporarily. It seems that whenever I think I am sure of my path, I always tend to change my mind. I never thought this would be such a hard decision.

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